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WolfpackBOT Cryptocurrency Trading Bot FAQ

Here we answer commonly asked questions about the WolfpackBOT Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.
What is the WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot?

WolfpackBOT is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot that allows you to trade with mathematical precision and lightning speed. WolfpackBOT is built from the ground up to dominate the market and allow you to trade like the pros.

How much does WolfpackBOT cost?

The WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot is available in two subscription levels.
WolfpackBOT: $20/month. One exchange. One base pair. All coins.
WolfpackBOT PRO: $30/month. All exchanges. All base pairs. All coins.

Can I buy and sell positions with limit and market orders?

You can buy and sell positions with either a limit order, market order, or a combination of both.

How often does WolfpackBOT scan the TA to look for buys?

By default, the WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot scans the candles and market every 30 seconds to look for your TA buy signals. This speed can be altered to be faster or slower by the user by adjusting the scan cool down period.

How often does WolfpackBOT scan for sells?

The WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot uses live candle scanning for price changes for the buy and sell orders, and the BOT is constantly scanning the market with virtually zero delay. Live price scanning is on by default and can be toggled off by the user if so desired.

Some are all of my open positions are in the red. Why is this happening?

This is happening because the position’s price dropped in value. Based on your trading style and choices, you can choose to set a stop-loss or short a negative (red) position, but remember that all trading involves risk. You can also wait to see if the position’s price returns to the green.

What is shorting?

Shorting is selling a falling position at a loss, and reserving the position funds to buy back the exact same position if it falls to a lower price, thus gaining back base currency from the initial loss.

How many instances of WolfpackBOT can I run simultaneously?

You may only run 1 instance of WolfpackBOT per subscription.

Why do I receive an error when trying to add API Key “key and secret can’t be null/empty”?

Please double check the API information, stop the bot, close it, open it, and re-enter your API key and secret for your selected pairs.

Can I use multiple accounts in WolfpackBOT?

Running multiple accounts on the same exchange through WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot is dependent upon the account rules of the exchange(s) on which the BOT is running.

What language is used to code the WolfpackBOT cryptocurrency trading bot?

The coding language is confidential proprietary information and cannot be disclosed.

Why is WolfpackBOT not trading? Is there a minimum amount of base currency I need in order to trade?

This is dependant on your percentage buy amount (a lot of strategies use 2%).
The minimum amount for pre-configured settings should be around .05 BTC. This is because Binance has rules for minimum buy amount, usually .001BTC. for the included configs, we create positions at 2% of your capital. This would create a position at .001 BTC.

You should have a little more in order to take care of closing shorts, which would buy back at a lower cost than .001 if you just have the minimum. Also, consider having some BNB in your account and paying for fees with BNB. this is a good thing to set up in your Binance account in order to get a discount on fees.

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