Tips for getting started

5 common pitfalls with getting started

In response to feedback from our community, we have compiled the top 5 pitfalls for getting started with Wolfpackbot.

Switch it on!

On the config page, check that your chosen base pair and the exchange is switched on.

At least one coin selected!

You must have at least one coin selected in the coin selector tool to start the bot. We would suggest whitelisting BNB so that if you have automatic updates enabled and there is no coin that fits your parameters, the bot will not stop.

Percentage buy amount!

Make sure your percentage buy amount is above the minimum position order on the exchange you have chosen. For example, if you have invested $500 to trade with, then your percentage buy amount must be 2% or higher. If you invested less to trade with, you will need to increase your percentage buy amount.

Minimum base amount!

Make sure your minimum base amount is either set to zero, or is above the
minimum position order on the exchange you have chosen. For example, if your base currency is USDT, then your minimum base amount must be 10 or higher.


Check the messages tab in Wolfpackbot. Often you will be able to troubleshoot issues by reading the error messages that appear.

If nothing else fails, get in touch with the support team!

You can email us at Or submit a ticket on our support page here.

This article is brought to you by WolfpackBOT, an advanced cryptocurrency trading bot that allows you to securely and automatically trade digital assets on Binance, and by the EvolV Smart Contract. The EvolV Ecosystem includes built-in referral dividends and volume based staking dividends for all token holders, meaning that every time EvolV is bought or sold, all EvolV holders receive instant dividends, paid in Ethereum.

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